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Different PPC ads on Amazon

Different PPC ads on Amazon

It is a well known that Amazon is the first choice of sellers and each seller keeps on trying to stay ahead of one another. The competition becomes tougher when you and your rival seller have the similar 2-day shipping service, same depth sales funnel and more. A buyer can switch his/her decision at the last moment and can click on your competitor’s screen to buy a product. Here, therefore, Amazon understands its sellers and come up with target ads features within the AMS as the solution to compete with their competitors and bind the customers to complete the buying cycle. The target ads help in improving the brand visibility.

Amazon avails three different types of campaigns that aim to target buyers and help in having confirmed purchase. Headline ads, Sponsored products, and product display campaigns contribute to driving customers and more importantly improve the purchasing rate and also help in reducing the cart abandonment.
Header ads drive the brand and category awareness while sponsored products result in attracting the people towards the particular product whereas products display ads effort for keeping the customers with aura of your Amazon store. Let’s read individually about each ad campaign.

Here it comes:

Headline Search Ads

Headline Search Ads not only possess the word headline but also it stands above all ad campaigns as head. The marketing experts claim these ads more helpful in creating brand awareness. The headline search ads get displayed at the top of the search pages and incorporate the text as headline containing the brand name. The headline search ads on Amazon contain keywords that drive them at the top results on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Here you must stuff the right keywords that have higher search volumes and are more popular among the people. The keywords should be selected in such a manner that they can create an interactive environment for the customers from the moment they begin their search for the potential buying decision. 

While choosing the higher volume keywords for headline search ads, you should also consider the budget for keywords. You already know when people click on your PPC ad campaigns, it cost to you the bidding amount, therefore, you should try to include those keywords that fit into your budget. For choosing the right keywords there are various free and useful keywords search tools for Amazon.

The HSA with right keywords on Amazon are capable to display multiple URLs for products, product pages, search result page and brand page associated with those keywords

Pros of Headline Ads on Amazon:

  •  Economical CPCs
  • Multiple URL
  • Custom ad image and text

Cons of Headline Ads on Amazon:

  1. The Headline Ads are lower targeted.
  2. Their click volume is low.

Sponsored Products

In campaign ads, next comes sponsored products campaign type. If you too are thinking to go with Amazon sponsored ads then you would be happy to know that they are more effective than headline ads as sponsored product ads target the specific product than the brand or category. These sponsored products ads get displayed either at the top or bottom of the search pages. If you are the winner of Buy Box on Amazon, your sponsored ads can be displayed on the right side of the search result page also. Amazon calculates the bid, keyword relevance with the product, search and sales history to optimize your sponsored products on the top of its search result page.  

You can choose automatic or manual targeting types for your Sponsored products campaign on Amazon. Automatic targeting gets impelled by the product content. Amazon uses this information to compare your ads with the pertinent search terms whereas if you choose manual targeting, you need to upload a list of targeted keywords for your products.

Both targeting campaigns have their flaws and fruits. Automatic campaigns drive more search results but are less targeted while manual targeting option is better in targeting and possess higher PPCs. Therefore, we suggest you to use them alternatively to reap the profits of both.

Pros of Sponsored Products:

  1. Bid level, sales history and relevant search terms determine the auction of sponsored product.
  2.  Allows the benefits of Manual and Automatic targeting.
  3.  Click volume is high.
  4.  Both Vendor sellers and Central Sellers of Amazon can take the profit of this campaign.

Cons of Sponsored Product:

  1. Amazon allows the sponsored product campaign to only those sellers having Buy box on Amazon. 
  2. Higher CPC is high.
  3. The sponsored product link redirects to the specific product only.

Product Display Ads

Product display ads are our last effort to promote and advertise our product while a customer is adding a product to his/her cart. These ads appear below the add to cart button on the product detail page only. For effective marketing strategy, the product ads should be displayed on the basis of people’s searching interest and products they are buying (sales history). The Amazon sellers can select the particular product pages (not all products of a store) they want to advertise. This method can prove as an effective technique to compete and can help in changing the customer’s decision when they are buying your competitor’s product.  

Product display ads might be complex to handle when you want to advertise multiple products as product display supports individual adding of products and that too manually. You need to have an eagle eye to select the effective product on which you want your product ads to display. These ads have higher CPCs.

Pros of Product Display ads on Amazon:

  1. Custom ad image and text
  2. Two types of targeting (based on sales history or people's interest)
  3. Lower ACos.

Product Display Cons:

  1. Ads direct to the specific product destination only.
  2. The target volume is low.
  3. CPC is high.
  4.  Only Amazon Vendor sellers can use this campaign.


More often people ask a question regarding AMS and Amazon ad campaigns is “Which campaign type is best to opt?” An answer to this can be - it shows an elementary misunderstanding about a comprehensive Amazon marketing strategy. Each campaign conflicts in targeting and displaying whereabouts. Also, different campaigns result in different sales volume depending on the volume click and PPC or CPC. Even involving the campaign strategy in your ecommerce store, your ads are not getting clicks then don’t panic. Our article on Your ads are not getting clicks- What to do?? would help you. For garnering better results it is recommended to have an assistance of Amazon service provider agency that can visualize the Amazon perception and map an effective strategy for your Amazon store.


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