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Backend Search Term Optimization-Need for Amazon Seller Central

Backend Search Term Optimization-Need for Amazon Seller Central

When the user types any word or specifically a keyword (a word or phrase that user types for searching any product)  in the search engine page (Google, Amazon etc.) it comes up with thousands of the results only the difference is that the results related to the user typed words display at different rankings. Here the search engines optimize the results on the basis of keywords. It is of no surprise that Amazon has its own optimization process that makes it different from others.  Amazon optimizes the products listing on the basis of keywords that you have included in your product’s title, bullet points, description and backend search terms.Right keywords help in increasing the visibility of the products.

How Amazon differs from others in Optimization process?

The ultimate aim of every search engines including Amazon is to make the products visible and discoverable on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).  Thus for the Amazon sellers, it is must to include every possible keywords and combination that a user can try to search the relevant products. In this series, Amazon differently performs its optimization process on the basis of backend search terms. 

Here many Amazon central sellers might not be aware of the backend search terms and Amazon’s backend search fields. So, let us first know what these backend search terms are?

  • Backend search terms can be taken equivalent as HTML tags for websites. Both are not visible physically for the users searching on search engines yet are important for optimization.
  • Concisely for Amazon, the hidden keywords that are used for listing your products on Amazon seller central account are known as backend search terms. 
  • Amazon has search term field section for its sellers to include maximum possible keywords that can be used by the users. 
  • These search terms are not visible on your product page but help Amazon to have more information about your product listing. 
  • Amazon uses these for optimizing your products visibility and rankings of your product page. 

What Amazon allows its Central sellers while stuffing backend search terms?

In April 2017, Amazon has reworked the character restrictions for backend search fields. It allows only 250 characters in the backend search fields. Thus it urges its sellers to prioritize the list of the most specific and relevant keywords for your products. 
Try to include the keywords that account for higher search volume.
Amazon takes all 5 backend search fields as an articulated keywords set thus sellers should avoid repeating any keywords rather focus on incorporating unique keywords in every field. 

As an Amazon seller central account owner, you should utilize the backend search terms feature wisely by including the higher volume keywords. Also, with the available limited character size for all backend search fields, keywords should be stuffed by utilizing the maximum space. The relevant keywords help in the visibility of the products and always remember that higher visibility for your products helps in having higher clicks on your product. 

How to save characters in Seller Central backend search fields?

Since Amazon allows limited 250 character size including space, so you should be wise in investing every character. Here are few tips to consider that can save your space so that you can utilize every character for meaningful keywords.

  1. Use hyphens for similar keywords that will save your space(as occupied by writing the same words twice). Also, it can include the possible combinations of those words. For example, the keyword “sneakers-shoes” include “shoes”, “sneakers”, “shoes sneakers”, “sneakers shoes”.
  2. The hyphen connected words will save your space from writing the singular and plural terms of the same word. 
  3. Don’t include the same keyword with uppercase and lowercase individually.
  4. Don’t use filler and stop words in your keywords. It only occupies space.
  5. Don’t use an exclamation mark in keywords or phrase as it only displays the result when the search term exactly resembles the user’s query term.
  6. Use single space to separate the keywords. Don’t waste your characters for commas.

Why search terms are important?

  1. Earlier, the sellers used to incorporate maximum keywords (words and phrase both)  in the titles and descriptions that had made the content unpleasant to read. This strategy might have worked for SEO but for users, it seems ineffective as they find the complex titles stuffed with the myriad of words in one sentence. Backend search terms have solved this problem.
  2. Now the sellers can include more keywords in the backend search field that may be less effective, unpleasant to read, misspelt, synonym yet users use for searching. These hidden keywords help Amazon to figure out your products as more popular and visible if it contains many keywords. 
  3. When a user types a word on Amazon’s page, Amazon compares the typed word with its various product keywords. First, it checks the title of your product if it matches with the user words it displays all the products associated with the keywords. Then, it checks the backend search terms and comes up with the millennials of results for the user’s search. 
  4. Search terms influence the ranking of the products organically. 


You can use various keywords search tools to find the keywords for your products. These search tools search for the keywords as well as give you the volume estimation that can help you to pick the higher clicked keywords. Sometimes people type the whole sentence for searching. So, always try to include the main keyword as well as keywords with the long tail. Keywords should be optimized properly at the regular interval because you already know optimization is the key to success on Amazon. 

If you are finding any problem in finding the valuable search terms and keywords for Amazon, we have listed various free and useful keywords search tools for Amazon in our blog. These tools will surely help you. Here we will recommend you to use the assistance of the Amazon service provider that can help you in finding the search terms as well as can feed in your Amazon seller central account on behalf of you. We at evantage work for the complete cycle- from setting the Amazon store to listing the products and stuffing the valuable and higher volume keywords. We understand how much importance do these backend search terms hold on Amazon and therefore work with the latest search tools to provide the higher visibility and discoverability to your store products. 

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