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Protect yourself from A-to-z Claim on Amazon

Protect yourself from A-to-z Claim on Amazon

When the buyer buys any product from Amazon sellers, he/she expects that the exact product that he has ordered would be delivered timely and that too without damage but if he/she does either receives a different, damaged or delayed product or sometimes the buyer changed his mind and cancels the order then he/she asks for return and refund under Amazon guidelines. Here Amazon sellers are responsible to process the customer’s requests and serve them on time with fulfilling the return requests. 

Amazon complies its sellers to serve their customers satisfactorily. Under the Amazon return and refund policies, Amazon sellers deal with customers and fulfil their demands. But sometimes there occur some issues that might cause Amazon sellers to fail in fulfilling the refund and request of the buyers. This time the buyers may feel cheated and helpless then they can file A-to-z claim on Amazon. 

With A-to-z claim guarantee, Amazon assures its customers to be served satisfactorily without being cheated. If Amazon finds the seller’s fault then it might charge him or suspend the seller’s account on Amazon for not serving its customers as per the Amazon guidelines, therefore, you being the Amazon seller must know

  1. What is A-to-z claim?
  2. When can the customers file a claim?
  3. How can you protect yourself from A-to-z claim on Amazon?

Let’s find out the answers to all these questions:

What is A-to-z claim?

An Amazon reimbursement or replacement program for the buyer when the buyer does not get satisfied with the service of Amazon sellers. With an A-to-z claim, the buyer can raise its return request and ask for the refund or replacement in case of the wrong item, delayed or damaged delivery. Amazon guarantees that the customers and their requests will be fulfilled by the Amazon timely with an effective solution to their concerns. 

When can the customers file a claim against you (Amazon seller)?

  1. The ordered item has not dispatched within the estimated time or even delayed by 3 days past the maximum limit of delivery date or 30 days past order has been done.
  2. The received item might be damaged, defective or different.  
  3. Also, if the buyer has asked for a return or cancels just in case he no more wants to purchase the item and therefore asks for the refund of the prepaid bill. But you haven’t responded him with the satisfactory solution.
  4. If you have refunded the wrong amount to the buyer, then, he can file an A-to-z claim to get a reimbursement of the paid amount.
  5. In case the seller has not refunded the complete payment that buyer has made the shipping charge, customs charge (in case of international delivery) or any other. 
  6. Buyer may not be satisfied with the seller’s services.
  7. He has contacted you many times through his Account, but you have not responded to his query. As per the Amazon seller-buyer guidelines, you should respond within two working days but if you haven’t responded him then be ready to face an A-to-z claim. 

How can you protect yourself from A-to-z claim on Amazon?

As you have seen the case when the customers can charge an A-to-z claim against you, so you need to be cautious and preventive while serving your customers as receiving A-to-z claim affects your reputation on Amazon. On receiving the more frequent A-to-z claims, Amazon might suspend your Amazon account that will cause you to take hassles for Amazon account reinstatement. So it’s better to follow few tips to avoid A-to-z claim by the customers. 

  1. Make a healthy relationship with the buyers: Amazon always focuses on maintaining a good seller-buyer relationship. The condition of A-to-z claim occurs only when you have a communication gap. If you deal and respond to your customers properly and on time, you can solve the issues at the initial level itself. Once satisfied, customers don’t take any hassle to file a claim. Customer interaction is always important.
  2. Find the solution timely: In case, a customer is not satisfied with your services and products, he/she might leave a negative review for you. This affects the health of your Amazon store. At worst, he also asks for refund. Amazon counts all the negative responses and your ODR increases. This again leads to Account suspension. Thus you should wisely handle the issue and understand the concern of the customer and communicate with him to find the satisfactory solution. You can settle somewhere in between by convincing him with the product replacement option with an assurance of quality service this time. 
  3. Utilize Amazon’s Prime services: To avoid the delay in delivery, you should work on your shipping process that can serve your customers faster. Customer gets excited to receive their ordered items and therefore expects a fast delivery. Also, with the Amazon prime shipping services, the products can be delivered within two days or even in 24 hours depending on the location. This makes customers more demanding and expecting for faster service. So you must make your products available for Amazon prime shipping that can avoid any claim because of delayed delivery.
  4. Use FBA: To avoid the case of damaged and defective delivery, you can utilize Amazon’s service of FBA in which Amazon is responsible for picking, packaging, and delivery of the ordered item to the buyer’s destination. When you use FBA and any customer claims that he has received the damaged item, you can ask Amazon to respond it and solve the issue. In FBA, Amazon is responsible to solve the queries and requests of the buyer’s. Sellers need not bother about shipping and delivery issues. Here you will be totally safe from facing an A-to-z claim. But when you use MFN, all the responsibilities are yours. 
  5. Make Punctual and precise a habit: No customer instantly files any claim against any seller. He waits for some time to sort out his issue with the product’s delivery and expects a legal and immediate action to his return or refund requests. But when his patience limit exceeds and he gets no response from the seller then he irritatedly files an A-to-z claim against that seller. Thus, it is always recommended to be quick and precise in responding the customers. Here the sellers must be polite with the precise solution that can satisfy the customer’s concern. Remember, aggressiveness (verbally or in written communication) can harm your reputation in front of your customer as well as Amazon. Be alert, Amazon has an eye on every action of yours. 


A-to-z claim is for the welfare of the Amazon customers when they are not satisfied with any type of services of Amazon sellers. But it doesn’t mean that for every issue, the Amazon customers file an A-to-z claim rather Amazon customers trust Amazon more for its services. But when the patience of the customers blow off and they feel cheated in their services, they come to Amazon to take a fair action for them. Here Amazon too assures its customers that nothing wrong will happen to them. Through A-to-z claim, Amazon asks the sellers to sort out the issue and process the request and reimburse the payment to the buyers.  A-to-z claim is good for buyers but for the sellers, more A-to-z claims are harmful. Therefore, you should serve your customers in harmony and as per the Amazon’s guidelines of return, refund and replacement and above all must focus on building the good seller-buyer relationship. 

If you are not able to handle the customers efficiently then you should not run the risk of Amazon's suspension rather you must work with Amazon service provider that can work in behalf of you and handle your customers with the best class services. We at evantage have the polite and customer oriented operation team that handles the customer’s issues in a precise and healthy way. 

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