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Amazon’s 4 pillars of Success-Learn from Amazon

Amazon’s 4 pillars of Success-Learn from Amazon

In ecommerce sector, when we talk about successful business, Amazon immediately comes to our minds. The trajectory of its growth has been rising since its launch. It has become the renowned brand and still maintaining its fame with its quality services that make it more loving and popular among the online shoppers. It has set an example for all the online businessmen and the entrepreneurs looking forward to establishing themselves in the online market. There are many things that you can learn from Amazon and can implement into your business to set yourself as the established online seller. 

Amazon’s success path has been penned down by Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg, Roy H Williams in the book named “Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It”. In this book, the authors have jotted down the four success pillars on which Amazon is standing. We believe that if all online sellers would follow Amazon’s strategy they too can flourish like Amazon. So, exclusively here we are sharing Amazon’s four success pillars with you. 

Let’s know the secret of Amazon’s success

1. Amazon treats its Customers as the king:

The very first thing that Amazon teaches us that treating customers as the king is always fruitful. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos has understood the gravity of customer’s experience and therefore always work in the favour of its customers for the betterment of customer’s experience as well for his business. Customers love Amazon and its dedication to treat them. It always works to enhance their experience. It has made its guidelines and policies for its sellers to act accordingly and compliances them while serving their customers. Also, Amazon has A-to-z claim guarantee for its customers that assures them to serve in fair and honest way. It always thrives on boosting the customer’s experience and keeps on adding facilities for its customers. 

2. Brings Innovation and  Creativity

With enthusiasm, Amazon works as the day one. It always keeps on adding a new experience to its customers as well as its sellers. Jeff Bezos feels no hesitation in including the latest technologies or new ideas in his business. With AI and Amazon Alexa, from drone delivery to Prime Air service, Amazon is ready to adopt every niche service. Being an online seller, you too can add creativity and innovation to your store and your services. You can incorporate the niche products or exclusive services to your Amazon store for your customers. Believe us, if you sell on Amazon as a niche products seller, Amazon as well as Amazon’s customers will welcome you by heart. 

3. Prompt, Active and Flexible

Amazon has established itself as the cutting edge corporate company. It follows the culture of promptness in accepting the ideas and implementing it for execution. It believes that change is the rule of the world. Therefore, Amazon always keeps on changing its strategies and policies for the sellers and customers in order to bring newness and more ease in customers’ experience.  So, being in the world where everything is changing at a moment eye blinks you too should be flexible and active in adopting the new products or services or even a new way to serve your customers. A good thing is always appreciated. Be prompt, be active and be flexible to accept the new technics and technologies to your ecommerce business and Amazon store

4. Improvement is continuous 

You might have the mentality that you should invest time and money only on those things that need to be repaired. But Amazon does not follow this principle. It keeps on improving and optimizing its services and adds a new taste to its services even if everything is going well. It adds new products and services that are exclusive to Amazon. For instance, for shipping services, Amazon rather going with the traditional way of delivery in 5-7 business days, has introduced prime shipping that allows its customers to have their orders within 2 days. To be an icing on the cake, it has also introduced Drone delivery and, SWA and prime air services for shipping. Amazon believes that business and ecommerce don’t run on settling to one thing rather improvement is always welcomed even at the last step of success. So, pick up this line and get ready to bring changes with improved strategies and working tactics.  


Having said this, Amazon has gained the esteem and trust among its customers and sellers. Online shoppers prefer Amazon for their shopping as their first choice which makes Amazon to dealing with millions of customers. For the same reason, the sellers too prefer Amazon as their online platform for selling. If you too are on Amazon selling through your Amazon store then follow Amazon’s success strategy and build your success on Amazon’s four pillars. Be like Amazon and flourish your Business in Amazon’s way globally.

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