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Effective Product Description Writing is Important to Get Higher Ranking on Amazon

Effective Product Description Writing is Important to Get Higher Ranking on Amazon

Amazon, the largest online marketplace with thousands of sellers and millions of products is the giant retailer in the online market. It has crowd of customers too. To stand ahead in and making the products visible and discoverable front of customers is a tough task for there Amazon sellers. It becomes more difficult when the other sellers sell the same products as yours. This urges to make the products different and therefore product description plays a strong role. Product descriptions with right keywords are the best way to make them easily visible on Amazon’s Search results. Amazon’s sellers need to adopt the SEO tactics in product’s description.

You, being Amazon seller may think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can work only for optimizing the Google’s search results then why do you need it on Amazon. Amazon is the biggest search engine as Google and therefore you need to work with SEO basics to improve the discoverability and visibility of your products on Amazon too.

When people want to buy online, Amazon is the choice of maximum and therefore product description and visibility is important. Amazon has its own SEO algorithm known as A9 that optimizes the results on Amazon search pages and ranks the products listed on Amazon . 

Let’s know about the A9 algorithm.

Amazon uses A9 algorithm to help its customers in their search. The algorithm comprises of various variables that decide the product’s rank. Two of them are- 

  1. Click to Sales rate: A9 continuously counts the clicks on the products and measures the Click to Sales rate when the customers click to buy products in the next step. Depending on the click to sales rate and the recent number of sales, Amazon optimizes the product’s ranking. When you have higher CTS rate, higher will be the ranking on Amazon’s SERP.  
  2. Sales page content: An SEO expert would always suggest you feed more keywords in your product description including title, subtitles and the section of back-end search term inclusion. This all is the area of Sales Page content on Amazon. The A9 algorithm checks the sales page content and picks out the products depending on the keywords you have fed. More appropriate keywords help A9 to display your product to the right customers based on the terms they are using. Combinedly, Click to Sales and sales page content work to optimize the product’s rank and eventually in turn to sales. More sales mean longer you stay on the first page. 

To work according to A9 algorithm and SEO tactics we are here sharing the tips to write product description.

Pick the suitable keywords for your product:

The best way to choose the keywords is to pick the words and terms that are trending and more customers use it. When you stuff such keywords in your product description, Amazon optimizes your products. It constantly checks the customer’s search and matches it with the available products on it. If your product comes into its sorting list, it will be at the top of the search page. 

On Amazon, when customer search for any product, Amazon offers the category wise searching. This also helps you to feed the keywords based on the category you are selling. You can know what the customers are searching and what they want. Using specific keywords helps in attracting the right customers. Pick out the keywords from the categories on Amazon related to your products but mind it that all must be trending and hot when measured on the customer’s search metric. You must pick those keywords which have the potential to target the right audience for your keywords. There are various tools and software for keywords search on Amazon like Soovle, Keywords Everywhere, Keyword Tool etc. or for better assistance, contact Evantage. We work in the best way in writing the product’s description with the higher ranking keywords. 

Short Title Length:

Amazon has its thumb rule to include 200 characters in its title including spaces. Some sellers think that using long titles can help in making products discoverable but it is not so actually. The title with proper keywords even when short can appear at the top of the search. Therefore, in titles, long tail keywords more often neglected. The A9 algorithm of Amazon starts its scrutinization through titles then description followed by back-end search terms optimization. Thus the product title must be strong with the high ranking keywords that can give your products an exposure to be at the top of the search pages. 

Include Bullet Points:

For better readability, use bullet points to describe the product details. Amazon allows to include five bullet points. Each bullet points can include maximum 500 characters including spaces. This gives you more space to elaborate the features and benefits of your products in a better way. 

Write product’ description with the buyer insight:

Writing the description about the product might not be working when you define what the product is and what it contains or made up of. The effective product description is that satisfies all the queries and need of the customer’s search. While describing your product to the customers, you should include those points which tell that how customers can find it relevant to their search, how the product is useful and how it differs from your competitor’s product. Above all, the description must be eye-catchy and up to the point that can make the customers feel satisfied to click on the buy button. When you understand the buyer insight and would describe your products according to them, it would be getting more clicks and these clicks would be converted into sales. 

Short and Crisp Content:

No one is free to read the lengthy content. The customers find it sensible to read the essence. Another disadvantage of writing the lengthy description is customers can miss the pinpoint of the products because more often rather reading the whole content, buyers scan it fluently to know the details. Thus making the description short and crisp including all the benefits and unique features helps them in knowing every quality of the products. This attracts customers more when they find everything they are searching within a short time. It won’t be of surprise if customers click immediately on the products to buy when everything fits in their search. 

Let the customers count the product’s Benefits:

We can believe that your products are unique and best in quality and no other sellers are selling like yours. But while talking about buyers, frankly speaking, this certificate doesn’t work. No matter how unique your products are, the customers will only buy when it seems beneficial to them. So the pinpoint here is- while writing the product description, you must focus on including the benefits of the products and how it would be helpful to customers rather listing its features. Once a customer finds your product useful for them they would definitely proceed ahead to make a purchase. It makes no sense that the product description is full of features and information about you and your store but no term defining the benefits of customers. So, emphasize the benefits and advantages along with the basic features of the product while writing the product description. 

No doubt, Amazon is the giant online platform and is more popular among the customers. Also, it is enriched with the thousands of products that make customers more relying on it. Therefore you can make your products more visible and discoverable with the effective product description and proper keywords. To optimize the products ranking, Amazon has its A9 algorithm and its SEO optimization. Therefore, you too must work with the effective SEO tactics in your online Amazon store. 

If it’s your starting in the Amazon market as an online seller, then, it would be better to work with us. We at Evantage are the Aamon service Provider who serve Amazon sellers right from Amazon store setup to writing the effective product descriptions, listing on Amazon and all further proceedings boosting sales and generating higher revenues. 

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