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Use Private Label Selling on Amazon to Drive More Customers

Use Private Label Selling on Amazon to Drive More Customers

Amazon gives a lot of opportunities to its sellers to flourish their ecommerce business. Amazon, being giant online marketplace is not only popular among the sellers but also among the online shoppers. This forces the Amazon sellers to assist their customers with the best quality products and services. We must say, Amazon sellers put their best efforts to serve their customers and in return, customers give more clicks to purchase their items. These more sales result in higher revenues and increase the chances to win buy box on Amazon. 

Amazon sellers keep on putting their next steps to establish themselves as more successful on Amazon. In this note, selling with private label and own brand is the most common approach taken by the established Amazon sellers. Selling with own brand and identity is a good feeling itself and also it helps in driving more customers.  

More often customers love to buy the branded products to maintain the standard of living. This attracts the Amazon sellers to sell their products with private label. If you too have succeeded in the initial phase of selling on Amazon and want to make more customers and money on Amazon, private label selling is the best move. 

So let’s know- What is private label selling?

Private Label

  1. In private label selling, the seller just owns his name on the products while the original manufacturer or supplier is the other person. The sellers are not responsible for manufacturing the products. 
  2. They paste their brand name and logo on the products and sell under their name but only after the consent of regarding suppliers and manufacturers.
  3. In private label selling, sellers buy the products in bulk and wholesale and add their name to them to sell as their own brand. This makes selling easy allowing sellers to earn more in less time.

How to select private label products?

If you have made your mind to be a private label seller on Amazon, the next thing comes is what should you sell under your own name? This is a challenging task as the wrong selection of products (those products that customers don’t buy)  can harm your reputation on Amazon as well as in front of customers. Thus picking the right products that can add sales to your Amazon store is the crux of private label selling.

Here are few tips you should consider while selecting the products for private label selling:

  • Choose the high demand products.
  • The products that get the top places at the Amazon search result Pages.
  • Niche and unique products can also be selected.
  • Products at an affordable price that customers can easily click on buy button easily.
  • The products that customers can rely on for a long time.
  • Lightweight and small size products so that shipping can be easy.

Once you have selected the products you want to sell under your name, then comes the selection of the supplier and manufacturer. For this, you need to explore the market and find out the one who can make the best deal within your budget as well as with the maintained quality.  Alibaba and other wholesale dealers are best for this. 
Finally, when you get both the products and supplier then, it’s time to highlight your brand. Time to make the logo and design for your brand. Be creative and attractive to design. For this, you can hire the professional graphics designer working on CorelDRAW who can craft your brand name in the logo with an effective and eye-catchy design. 

Now finally move to Amazon to register your private logo and trademark. Then list the private labelled products on your Amazon store. Since you want to promote your name among more customers so you should be cautious while listing the products and use the tactics to put your products into light.


  • Use your brand name in the title of every product. You have obviously seen that- Levis Jeans for men; Nescafé Classic Stabilo etc. This influences the customer more than the generic products.
  • While uploading the photos of products during listing, use 2-3 photos displaying the logo of your brand.
  • Paste the sticker of the logo on the product packaging.

Bonus Tips:

Make Private Label Selling more effective with FBA: Although Amazon does not force its sellers to use FBA for shipping rather Amazon sellers can themselves pack their products and ship through MCF. But this can be quite cumbersome when you are getting the bulk orders. Maintaining the consistency and quickness of shipping the products to the buyers within time can be hectic. Therefore, accessing FBA can be a better solution. You do not need to worry about the pick, pack and Ship, Amazon is there for you.

Make a secure move with Brand Registry: If you are selling the unique products and you are the exclusive seller on Amazon, then, with private label, you should go with the brand registry on Amazon. This saves other to copy your products and selling under their name. 


Selling with private label is the new approach to drive customers and making more sales. But for the effective results, you must be habitual in fact must have an experience of online selling trends and Amazon’s environment. The private label creation requires more money to design the logo and stickers and therefore you should have a balanced strategy to move ahead. Also, expecting the instant revenue hike from private label products might be considered as childish nature. Being matured and experienced Amazon seller, you should have patience to ripe the sweeter results.

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